Spondylolisthesis physical therapy protocol

Spondylolisthesis physical therapy protocol

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Physical TherapyMost patients with low-grade isthmic spondylolisthesis and degenerative spondylolisthesis can be treated conservatively. Stability at the spine is essentialin order for a desired motion to be achieved in an effectivemanner. Ligaments and joints support the spine. Spondylolisthesis alters the alignment of the spine. In this condition, one spondylolisthesis physical therapy protocol the spine bones slips forward over the one spondylolisthesis physical therapy protocol it.

Vertebrae are stacked on top of one another to create the spinal column. The spinal column gives the body its form. Most commonly, this occurs in the low back. In this condition, the bone that protects the spinal cord fractures as a result of excessive or repeated strain. The area affected is called the pars interarticularis, so doctors sometimes refer to this condition as a pars defect.This condition appears in six percent of children. It mainly affects young athletes who participate in sports in which the spine is repeatedly bent backwards, such as gymnastics, football, and karate.Although spondylolysis can affect people of any age, children and adolescents are most susceptible.

This is because their spines are still developing, and the pars is the weakest part of the vertebra. It is thought that athletic activities that require repeated hyperextension and rotation or repetitive combined flexion-extension predisposes athletes to develop pars defects. ProtocolsAchilles Tendon RepairAchilles TendinopathyAC Separation Protocol (GR I and.

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