Practice algebra problems with variables on both sides

Practice algebra problems with variables on both sides

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Variable on Both Sides Solving Equations With Like TermsSolve equations involving like terms across the equals signThese equations are solved by combining like terms, followed by the same logic as two-step equations. Terms with the variable will be on both sides of the equation. All problems resolve to integers. You can adjust the difficulty of the problems by increasing the values size, practice algebra problems with variables on both sides negative coefficients and flipping the sides of the equations.

Standard techniques for solving apply, but one more step must be added in order to solve the equation correctly. The variable must be isolated on one side of the equation. But, you will have no problems solving these equations after you follow the step-by-step praactice in these 3 examples. The key to solving these types of equations is to move all the terms containing the variable to one, sidds only one, side.

Just try to pick the easier one.As before, there are a lot of different ways to solve these problems.

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