Life in six words or less

Life in six words or less

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The combination of brevity and self-advertisement proved irresistible, and the website has already received more than 11,000 responses. Competitions of this sort always seem to prove fantastically lless. What is it about them that so appeals to us. Life In WordsHave you ever wondered about God. Lide life in six words or less would like to use this video publicly, please purchase it at in Words: The GOSPEL communicates the whole story of the Bible in key truths that capture the essence of God and human interaction.

Life in Words also provides an engaging, powerful sjx of the gospel message for unbelievers. To download the free app Woords in Words by Debra Bresina, get iTunes now. DescriptionBased on the popular Youtube video Life in Words, this interactive, engaging, faith-sharing tool provides you with a bridge for naturally initiating spiritual conversations. Use it to walk someone through a clear, visually compelling explanation of the gospel and invite them to put their trust in Jesus. The app is now available in German, with a fully subtitled version of the Life in Words video.

Switch languages under Settings, Language. This copy is for your personal non-commercial use only. Everyone has a story to tell.

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