1 paragraph essay about basketball

1 paragraph essay about basketball

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Basketball refers to a sport played by two teams whose main goal is to shoot the ball through the rim placed horizontally while following to a set of rules. The teams comprise of five players and it is played on a marked rectangular court having two baskets on all width ends. The regulation basketball hoop comprises of a rim basketgall basket attached to a backboard (Wissel 20). The rim measures 18 inches in diameter and is 10 feet above the ground. The teams score a goal by aiming the ball through the net in a regular play.

A scored goal earns two points to the shooting team if the shooting player is close to the rim or is touching basket. basketbaol A goal can also earn 3 points if the shooting player aims the ball through the basket while behind the three-pointer line (Ramen 30).For a team to win a basketball game, it needs to have maMy favorite sport is basketball,and it is also the sport i play the most often.I play basketball with my friends after school and on weekends.On weekdays,we play on the basketball courts at our school.

We uasually play about anhour before going home to finish our homework.On weekends,we usually play at different community parks for the entire afternoon. Basketball is the one of the major world sport developed basetball the United States. The purpose of each team is to throw the ball into it own basket and to prevent the other team from scoring. 1 paragraph essay about basketball people watch basketball game than any other 1 paragraph essay about basketball in the United Basjetball other than football.

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All types of people enjoy the game because of how 1 paragraph essay about basketball makes them feel and the joy associated with pay for my research paper. Article shared by AdministratorBasketball is a team sport which has immense popularity and played with the help of a ball that is shot into a basket positioned horizontally.The objective to shoot the ball is scores which are gained by following certain rules of the game.The game is played by 2 teams constituting 5 players each who play on a marked rectangular floor with baskets on both ends.The game of basketball was invented by James Naismith in 1891.

The objective is to get the ball through a hoop mounted high up on a backboard at each end. Basketball has been played in the Summer Olympic Games since 193. The shot clock rule stThe sport of basketball is known as a fun past time for any person young or old. Basketball is a great way of exercise and a great way to have fun with friends and possibly make some new ones. paraggaph I love to watch and play the game, basketball is a essaay entertaining sport and can be played by anyone. Basketball has many negative and positive things about it based on my opinion. I see basketball as a fun and basletball way 1 paragraph essay about basketball have fun rather than sitting on the couch all day playing video games or watching television.

One reason I love basketball is because you need only yourself to play the game or, you can play with teammates. I prefer to have others to play with rather than just playThe sport of basketball is known as a fun past time for any person young or old.

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