Writing a web page in python

Writing a web page in python

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It has always beenpossible to use Python for creating web sites, but it was a rather tedious task.Therefore, many frameworks and helper tools have been created to assistdevelopers in creating faster and more robust sites. This HOWTO describessome of the methods used to combine Python with a web server to createdynamic content. It is not meant as a complete introduction, as this topic isfar too broad to be covered in one single document. However, a short overviewof the most popular libraries is provided. I am basically a PHP guy. now moving writing a web page in python python.

I am starting to learn python.How do I install it and start working it, and develop websites.I got totally confused with the alternative implementations in the download section of the Python site. It is very comprehensive and follows the MVC web design principles. Various hosting options are also available for the same.

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