Essay of english language

Essay of english language

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ADVERTISEMENTS:Not only in India, but also when you go abroad this is a language most commonly used.In the world of globalization, countries like China, Japan and Russia, who have passionately sustained and promoted their own language, have today accepted the wssay of English language. ADVERTISEMENTS:In India, English has become a medium of instruction wnglish schools and colleges alike. With the help of developing technology, English has been playing a major role in many sectors including medicine, engineering, and education, which, in my opinion, is the 5 paragraph essay template important arena where English is needed.

Particularly, as a developing country, Turkey needs to make use of this world-wide spoken language in lahguage to prove its international power. This can merely be based on the efficiency of tertiary education. Importance of English Language:The importance of English language is spreading essay of english language. In the lantuage there are many languages being spoken. English is one of them which become internaImportance Of English LanguageImportance Of Englisn LanguageGood Morning to one and all.

I am here to present my views kanguage the importance of learning English language which is taught to us right from our birth. English is not just taught at home, at schools and colleges but even at professional colleges and at work places too. English was taught till Intermediate Level at first. essay of english language Later it was included in essay of english language colleges not only for 1st year but even in 3rd B Tech. In eseay competitive market to survive we have to develop our communication skills.

Englissh is one of the most important languages in the world. English has a special status in India. Apart from having a place in the public institutions of the country, in parliament, the law courts, broadcasting, the press, and the educational system, English has spread in our daily life. It is currently the primary language esday on the World Wide Web, in the political and business arenas. So yes, I definitely think that learning English is important.While English may not have as large a quantity of speakers as Mandarin it is still more widespread and herein lays its importance.

Mandarin Chinese is hardly spoken outside Chinese communities, however in many essah of the world where English is not the native language, it is still widely spoken and integrated in the curriculums of educational institutions. In many countries Malaysia, for example, where there variEnglish Language in India Background of English Language in IndiaEducation in English Language was introduced by the British in India.

English education was imparted in schools, colleges or universities. Thus English became the medium of instruction in all stages.Education was thus limited to a small circle of upper and middle-class people who rose to power and position by reaping the benefits of the English education. This promoted the growth of an essay of english language culture which was vastly different from the traditional culture of the country.

The anglicized Indian was a hybrid product of this new languaeg. In this languagd, moral, and spiritual and even in the common matters of life like eating, clothing, etc. he aped European customs and manners and everything national became an object of scorn to him. Knowledge of English Language thus regarded as badge of superiority. It was a sure passport to poThe study of English language in this age of globalization is essential. English language is the most important language of communication between different countries. In India, people of different states have their eesay language.

English Language has come us as a connecting link among various states of India.U.N. has recognized five languages as its official languages and of them English takes lanbuage first position because of its background, international acclaim of easy access to the people. If we go back to historical facts, essay of english language see that half of the globe was under the British imperialism. Those countries coming directly under British rule had by necessity or under compulsion to learn English and the rest either being influenced by the English culture or to keep pace with modern trend had but to opt for learning it.French, German, Greek and definitely Sanskrit are not inferior to English, y.

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